Soothing Bedroom Colour Schemes to Relax the Mind


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A bedroom should be calming, cosy and relaxing, whilst also being a stylish space that you’re glad to fall into at the end of the day. The first step to setting a relaxing scene is to select a bedroom colour scheme that is designed to influence your mood in the best way.

While colour affects people differently, there are some modern schemes that work beautifully in the bedroom and achieve the relaxing, romantic space so many people want.

Greys and Neutrals

Grey toned walls can be a soft alternative to all-white walls, which can occasionally look stark and bare in some rooms. This cool shade can expand a space and give a room a sleek, finished look. Light grey is versatile and can surprisingly act as a great base to darker grey furniture, like headboards or bedsides. Incorporate mirrored accessories and experiment with white or pastel bed sheets.

Try experimenting with texture and tones of similar neutral colours and consider the way they are positioned. This can create a harmonious colour scheme and further promote relaxation and wellness. Natural and creased linens, as well as ‘karate chopping’ feather cushions can also create a comfortable ‘lived in’ look.

Blue Hues

Nature is synonymous with rest and relaxation, so turning to nature for colour inspiration is always recommended for interiors. As the soothing colour of the ocean and the sky, blues are known to reduce stress, which is why it’s regularly chosen for children’s bedrooms. opt for icy blue with hints of grey for a relaxing haven.

Light blue is a neutral colour that happens to work well with plenty of other colours such as chocolate brown and light pink. Throws and decorative cushions add texture for extra dimension and comfort.

Lavender and Pink

Lavender is the sophisticated colour your bedroom is looking for. Gentle and muted, this colour is thought to reduce stress and provide a calming aura. Add warmth to this cool shade with warm wooden flooring or a plush rug. Silver, grey and black accents will really bring this bedroom colour scheme to life.


A colour also taken from nature that we are constantly surrounded by is green. Sage, olive, celery or pistachio are all tones of green that are considered restful and can make for a refreshing bedroom colour scheme. It is also a grounding colour and can provide nature inspired freshness and harmony to your space, and works beautifully with the likes of white, grey and brown.

The trick is to create a scheme that isn’t overpowering or heavy on the eyes, and allows you to rest in comfort.

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