EVOLVE Interior Design

EVOLVE Interior Decorators:

Unique Interiors Designed & Tailored to your Sydney Lifestyle


EVOLVE Interior Design is an advocate of bespoke and tailored design and much like our services, we know our client’s preferences and properties are unique.

That’s why our Sydney-based qualified interior designers work closely with each client to develop designs inline with your goals and desired lifestyle.


Throughout the process our methodical approach ensures we always listen to requirements, and are flexible if things change, meaning our clients are always satisfied with the end result.

Interior Design Services

• Colour schemes
• Space planning & furniture placement
• Selection & sourcing of furniture, rugs, art & accessories
• Floor coverings
• Lighting selections
• Surface selection e.g. tiles, benchtops, splashbacks
• Window dressing and soft furnishing selection

• Kitchen & bathroom design
• Outdoor living areas
• Landscaping
• Renovations & restorations
• Tradespeople sourcing
• Project management & implementation

Design process
  1. 1Consultation 

The call: Initially a no obligation call will take place to discuss your requirements. After the call, you will receive our Engagement Letter which outlines the fees and services we provide.

Visiting you: Upon your approval to proceed, we will allocate one of our higly qualified Interior Designers who will schedule an onsite consultation, lasting up to 2 hours. During this time, we will discuss: your lifestyle requirements, any ideas or preferences you may have, as well as additional factors such as existing items you may wish to retain.


  1. 2Project 

If your project scope is larger than the initial onsite consultation, then you may wish to engage our project services where our Interior Designers progress in a way suited to you and your budget, for example, many of our clients take a hands-off approach, whereas others may prefer to be heavily involved and perform some of the tasks themselves. Whatever your style of working we are happy to accommodate.


In the project phase, the Interior Designer will review their discussion notes, space plans and photos to compile specific documentation based on your requirements. This may include project scope, budget, timeline, mood boards, furnishing recommendations, paint schedule, window dressing treatment, surface selection, product samples/quotes and stock availability.


  1. 3Installation  

The installation of furnishings can be completed in a single phase or staged over a period of time, whatever is most convenient for you.


If required, we can co-ordinate the entire project including suppliers and trades to ensure the process runs as smooth as possible.