How to Introduce Coastal Style To Your Home


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Not ready to say goodbye to summer yet?

A home by the sea is defined by a fresh palette made up of primarily neutral and blue tones, featuring relaxed and comfortable furnishings and natural elements. Clean lines and lots of space are a nod to a simple life by the ocean, and a coastal style home should exude serenity and calmness the moment you step through the door.

Enjoy an endless summer and the energy of the sea all year round, using Australia’s coastline as your inspiration. Achieving this look right isn’t about filling your home with all the seaside motifs you can find; it’s about showcasing balance through sleek and contemporary design.

Here are the steps you can take to customise the perfect coastal-inspired space.

Choose Your Preferred Coastal Style

Your choice should be based on factors like the location of your home and your individual preference. There are a few sea-inspired themes to choose from, and you may be able to incorporate features from more than one theme. Whichever you choose, luxury and relaxation should be the desired effect.

Beach Cottage: Beach cottage style incorporates the rustic and welcoming elements of French Country homes, but with the addition of the sea. A beachside cottage is a perfect look for smaller homes for its cute and cosy feel. You can get this right with bohemian furniture such as outdoor hammocks, and indoor rope accessories or woven baskets.

Contemporary Coastal: This is the classic home by the sea, defined by large windows that let the outdoors in. Simple lines, beach-style furniture and plenty of white create a striking and uncluttered look.

Nautical Vibes: Go bold with a nautical theme to mirror old-school seaside living. This style provides a chic, classic way to do stripes and can be emphasised with statement plants, crisp white furnishings and wicker furniture.

Find the Balance of Key Features

It’s important to be able to recognise key features of coastal interior design, without going overboard! Certain elements come together to build the mood of a home, and there are a selection of materials and motifs that characterise beachside living.

Raw Wooden Furniture: Driftwood, reclaimed timber and other kinds of raw wooden furniture create an authentic, rustic look. You could keep this subtle with just chairs or tables or select wooden finishes on countertops and window frames.

Fabrics: Fabrics are mostly cotton, canvas and linen, and come in neutral, blue and yellow colours. Whichever soft furnishings you choose, ensure they’re fresh, clean and comforting.

Accessories: Large mirrors are a perfect way to reflect natural light and create an open, spacious feel. Inject your personality with unique accessories, such as wall-mounted surf boards, wicker baskets and sea shells.


Coastal homes should be naturally sun-flooded, so avoid harsh or blue lighting. Instead, opt for lighting that creates a gentle glow for a soft ambience. Aluminium and chrome finishes work well with this colour scheme, as do lights made from natural materials like cane or wicker

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