Urban Modern Interior Design

Urban style brings the gritty vibe of the bustling metropolitan context indoors with influences derived from industrial warehouse conversions and the modern designer lofts of the big cities of London and New York. On trend and profoundly sophisticated, Urban style interior design marries a mixture of Contemporary, modern and industrial influences.


The Urban interior often includes a healthy dose of artistic indulgence and has a distinctly cosmopolitan feel, drawing its inspiration from elements of industrial, minimalistic modern, glamorous chic and edgy experimental design.

Urban Styled Interiors

Grand feature walls paired with oversized accessories and petite nuances introduce the element of playing with scale, an iconic feature of Urban design. Plants and botanicals can add a natural feel to your space while adding pops of organic, earthy colour throughout. Inspired by large warehouses with high ceilings and tall windows, Urban design sits between bare-boned minimal and over-the-top excessive interiors.


Making a statement is key to Urban modern style with each room containing at least one feature piece. From art and furnishing to intriguing light fixtures, a certain design element should make each room unique.


With an industrial focus, the primary materials used in Urban style are timber, metal, polished concrete and exposed original brick over laid with luxe textiles, organic textures and soft furnishings. Clean, straight lines and abstruse shapes balance the interior space. Avant-garde photography and abstract art add a dash of colour to an often-neutral colour scheme to complete this sophisticated style. Layering similar neutral colours and textures creates a laid-back, natural environment.