Luxury Style Homes

Home décor is ever evolving with new designs and trends developing each year, but one thing remains the same, the lasting beauty and permanence of a luxurious home. Luxury design isn’t about following trends but instead creating a timeless style, where beautiful elements are mixed and melded to give a sense of opulent sophistication.


For each homeowner, the defined Luxury style that accompanies their taste may look vastly different. Some may equate Luxury to charm, beauty and singularity, others may associate the style with convenience and flexibility. Either way, there are ample ways Luxury can be incorporated into a home’s interior design.

Luxury Home Interiors

Luxury designs evoke emotion and are often based upon one’s perception of extravagance. There are many ways to heighten the feeling of Luxury in a home. Neutral paint colours are crucial and help to keep a room classy and crisp. Light colours evoke a minimalistic and simple look that’s visually appealing whilst drawing the eye to feature art, accessories and furnishings. Layering and attention to detail make for warm inviting spaces where comfort is perhaps the ultimate in Luxury. A truly beautiful space is both modern yet classic, authenticity of materials such as marble, brass, linens, rich velvets, neutral leathers, suedes and natural fibers are paramount along with beautiful lighting, original unique pieces and interesting artworks. Sophistication is the ultimate in Luxury designs that are intended to evoke lavishness, yet the space is also expected to serve as a functional and practical place to live.


The Luxury style borrows elements from the Classic design to create a balanced aesthetic coupled with elegant furnishings. The most instrumental components of Luxury design are the finishing touches such as accessories and art. These details are what truly illuminates the space and immediately enhances the aesthetic to create a sense of Luxury and opulence.