Create a Sleek Uncluttered Contemporary Look

Contemporary style reflects current interior design trends and is very much of the moment. Contemporary interiors are fresh and sleek with a subtle sophistication uncluttered lines and over all simplicity. Contemporary style blends neutral tones of black, white and grey often punched up with a bold use of colour,accessories and art. Great Contemporary styling creates a sense of warmth and a welcome comfort by using texture in soft furnishings and finishes.

Combining Simplicity and Warmth for Contemporary Styling

Contemporary styling relies heavily on clean lines and a lack of clutter. Less is more, donโ€™t over decorate. Subtle yet homely decorations are key. Pillows in neutral tones can give the room a warm yet clean feel. Contemporary styling is all about straight lines and a minimal colour palette .Contemporary styling is a great way to accentuate the hero features of the homes structure, so start with the most aesthetic aspect of the room. The room should look open and inviting, making this style ideal when staging to sell.When it comes to furniture less is more, slim lined furniture made of metals and timber will bring your Contemporary vision to life.