Classic Property Styling adds Warmth and Luxury to a Home

A classically styled home appeals to a wide range of buyers. Blending creature comforts and designs that feel luxe and modern to deliver a timeless look to a classically designed home. Using plush furnishings such as velvet pillow combinations and rich wool throws creates warmth andlets clients envisage long nights spent in relaxed luxury. Blending symmetry and order with unique accessories is the challenge. Incorporating modern materials such as steel and glass helps to empathise timeless glamour as the Classic style does not follow one particular trend, instead classic is all about the design, balance and symmetry, without the formality of traditional design.

Classic Styling Features

Keeping balance and symmetry in mind when choosing the layout for a classically styled room is key. Choosing a single focal point or design feature is the best place to begin. Styling with matching pairs of furnishings and lighter neutrals is the perfect starting point when choosing furniture for a Classic home. Fabrics with subtle patterns paired with block colours are popular in classic homes. Using timeless colours such as deep blues and greys in pops across a room can create the harmony and warmth needed. Accessories are the finishing touches to pull a room together such as mirrors, glassware, flowers and plants to bring elegance and life to your interior.