Make A Splash with 2019’s Colour Trends


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2019 has arrived, and it brings with it – fresh new shades. From house colours you may not have even considered in 2018 to hues that continue to steal the limelight, year-after-year, the Dulux colour forecast continues to inspire designers across the world.

The world of interior design closely follows the fashion world, so making accurate predictions can be tricky. One thing we are preparing ourselves for is bright and bold bursts of colour, as well as new pastel and earthy hues.

Be brave this season, express yourself and let your identity shine through these colours we’ve predicted to trend in 2019.

Bursts of Bold

(Paint swatch colours: Dulux Hothouse Orchid, Strong Strawberry)

The prominent colour palette this year is anything vivid – an exciting but daunting trend. Splashes of pink and maroon paint colours are a brave throwback to the 60’s, and we’re welcoming back the shades that people have avoided for decades.

Not ready for overpowering colour schemes? Add these colours to your home through accent pieces in plush, velvet armchairs or bright wall art. Compliment the look with plenty of natural light and contrast bright tones against a base of neutral tones.

Soothing Shades

(Paint swatch colours: Dulux Modest Mauve, Shetland Lace Half, Limone, New Life)

The nature inspiration continues with an appreciation for sunset colours. Muted pinks, soft orange and ashy blues create a harmonious, relaxing atmosphere and represent the changing world and new possibilities.

While we’re all focusing on inner wellbeing, this year’s Dulux colour chart proves that paint colours reflect this, and certain tonal palettes can have soothing elements for the soul. This colour trend is all about relaxation and wellness

Raw and Refined

(Paint swatch colours: Dulux Cobbler, Ohai Half, Sea Creature)

We’re starting to see a move towards earthy tones especially those of the Australian landscape. Interior environments feel more nature filled thanks to additions of olive greens, earthy browns and dirty yellows.

These colours combined with warm timber finishes and botanical greens is the perfect colour combination for a cohesive look and feel.

Earthy Opulence 

(Paint swatch colours: Dulux Porcelaine Crab, Shepherd’s Warning, Trustee)

One emerging trend is elegant and opulent, while being down-to-earth. Think rich colours like deep purple and blue, mixed with earthy tones like brown and pink. This is a nod to classical eras bygone, with the modern-day love of nature bringing it into 2019.

Timeless and modern, this look provides the opportunity to play around with colours you like, so get creative with the overall style and furniture choices.

The Free Spirit

(Paint swatch colours: Dulux Old Money, Mondrian Blue, Sunbird Orange)

Dulux’s “Identity” trend is all about breaking the mould and creating styles true to your own personality. This brave theme is an eclectic mix of striking colours, for you to express your individuality, with a cheerful nod to the 80’s design movement.

Unleash the radical in you and play with burnt oranges, salmon pinks and citrus shades. Don’t hold back with a mish-mash of multicultural inspired shades.

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