How To Choose Colours That Will Enrich Your Home


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Choosing the perfect colour palette for your home is crucial, as it influences the overall feeling of your home. Colour can influence how warm, luxurious or neutral a space feels and is therefore one of the most important design decisions you will make when styling your home. Colour can be added to any space in many ways, from paint colour to fabric finishes and accessories.

Evolve have complied a few tips to help you choose the colour palette best suited to your home.

Mood Boards And Paint Samples

Start by making a mood board then graduate to paint swatches. A mood board is an interior inspiration board. A collection of interior images, paint swatches, furniture and accessories which will help you visualise your design concept and create an overall cohesive look. Once you have created a mood board and settled on a vision you are happy with, you can progress to a paint swatch. Paint swatches are a great way of experimenting with wall colours. Once you have chosen your paint swatch buy a small sample pot of paint and  paint a section of the wall a minimum of two coats. Make sure you paint a reasonable area (minimum 30cm x 30cm) , so you get an accurate feel for the colour in your interior.

Consider The Architecture And Surfaces In The Space

When choosing colours for your paint or furnishing consider the architecture of the space itself. For example, the flooring, cabinetry or even existing built in furniture such as a reading nook or window seat. Think about the tone of the timber or colour of metal handles and finishes. Work these existing textures into your mood board and don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of colours using paint samples to give you the best idea of what goes with your pre-existing space.

Neutral Colours

A neutral base is always a good place to start. Neutral colours such a beige, stone, white, cream and light grey provide a great backdrop for any room. If you opt for a neutral base, you should incorporate pops of colour throughout the interior through cushions art ad accessories, otherwise the room will look dull. If using a bright feature wall, consider using neutral toned furnishings to balance the interior and not overwhelm the space.

Choose Hero Pieces/Colours

Choosing hero pieces of furniture or a bold feature wall colour early on is key. For example, a green velvet couch is a statement piece and a room should be built around it. Think about your furniture pieces before choosing a wall colour, if updating your pre-existing space think about your existing furniture, art and accessories that you may wish to keep. Photograph and print these items and include on your mood board to help unify the space and provide a vision in the early colour choosing stages.

Complimentary Colours Or A Similar Palette

Using a colour wheel when choosing furnishing and paint can be helpful. If you like a bold colour palette you may want to choose two or three complementary colours to include in your interior. Find these by looking at opposite sides of the colour wheel such a blues and yellows. You can mix cool and warm tones to bring a room to life. A similar palette is to choose hues of the same colour, for example emerald green and mint green. You can use neutral tones throughout to break up the palette.

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