How to Brighten your Space During Winter


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With the cold season fast approaching why not take the time to revamp and refresh your home. In a season where we spend most of our time curled up  inside, it provides us with the perfect excuse to focus on creating a home oasis. So why not take the chance to redecorate and elevate this space? EVOLVE has put together a few tips on how to brighten your home and create a cozy environment you will want to enjoy this winter season.

Bright and Bold Patterns

This simple tip will be game changing when looking to brighten up a dark room. Look for bold patterns or brightly colored accessories or furnishings, such as vibrant cushions, a bold throw, patterned artwork, and colored vases. Seeing bright, joyful colors is a great mood booster throughout the day and an ideal way to create a warm atmosphere inside when is cold and drab outside . Consider a coloured feature wall or even bold wallpaper to permanently make you space feel sunny and chic all year round.

Ambient Lighting

During the colder months, it’s common for it to be dull and overcast, so there isn’t much daylight to be had. Using natural lighting is a good supplement to mimic the same feel of daylight. Warm toned daylight bulbs are a great addition to lamps or your main light as they create a natural light that will overall change the feel of the room. Mood lighting such as additional lamps, salt lamps rather than cold overhead lighting will make the space feel less sterile and create a softer ambiance.

Invite Nature with Fresh Plants and Flora

Both indoor plants and flora will not only purify the air but also provide a lift to even the plainest décor; they will also provide a sense of tranquility, colour and vitality during the colder months. A good tip is to consider plants with structural leaves that create contrast, such as orchids, cyclamen, or begonia. You can also use a floral arrangement that is a mix of greenery and tropical colors. Dried florals are a great option as they are long lasting and have a lot of neutral tones which provides a great base for the brighter highlight flowers.

Evolve hopes our easy styling tips have helped you to create your elevated space for the winter season, for more tips and advice subscribe to our mailing list. Contact EVOLVE for all your Interior Design  needs.

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