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Curious about the latest interior design trends of 2024? This year has been full of vibrant colours, innovative materials, and stylish layouts that will transform your space. Read below for Evolve’s favorite trends and tips that will make your friends envy your home.

70’s Décor

The 2024 version of ‘70s prioritizes dark timber, lacquered surfaces and a natural colour pallet that promises plenty of warmth and depth – think: terracotta, rust and avocado green. If you want to get on to the ‘70s design train, Evolve suggests incorporating vintage timber or rattan pieces of furniture. You can also incorporate velvet and boucle furnishings, such as a curved sofa or one of our stylists’ favorite pieces, a velvet armchair.

Dopamine Décor

This trend is all about mood boosting colours and prints that spark joy. Evolve suggests adding vibrant accessories to your coffee table or console, this can be done by using colorful books, potted plants or bright handblown glass. To achieve this look, our stylists love to use pops of blue, green or orange pieces, whether it be accessories, books or velvet-colored armchairs to make a neutral room pop.

Quiet Luxury Décor

Quiet Luxury is one of the most popular 2024 décor trends so far. It is a muted style but is a versatile trend meaning you can interpret it with your preferred nuance. We love to incorporate this trend into our styling by using high quality marble accessories, neutral colours and timber furnishings to create a warm and relaxed space. You too can incorporate this by embracing subtle accents by using neutral tones and high-end quality materials, such as cashmere linens, timber and marble.

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