Staging a House for Sale

Staging a House for Sale? Style it with EVOLVE.

Achieve the maximum price when selling a property, with professional staged-to-sell design services. EVOLVE offers a full-circle solution, to get your home prepared and showcase it to its full potential, adopting techniques proven to accelerate sales and garner an increase in the sales price.


The transformation when staging a home can be viewed in our before and after property styling images. The results are phenomenal, and clients can see a return of up to 30x the cost to style. The residential and commercial interior designers at EVOLVE offer superior styling services to homes across Sydney, coupled with a deep understanding of how to present a property in a way that appeals directly to the target market.

What do our staged-to-sell design services include?

Our talented interior designers and stylists don’t just decorate your space: they create a lifestyle and a connection between the potential buyer and the property. They do this by reviewing key factors such as buyer target market/demographics and the physical environment. This deep understanding of your property allows them to deliver a competitive advantage that is guaranteed to increase buyer interest, reduce sell time, and maximise the sale price. 

As a ‘full circle’ business, we have the capabilities to encapsulate a unique offering with our team of qualified and professional designers. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: The process begins with an on-site consultation from a qualified stylist, who will take the time to discuss your requirements and conceptualise the space. They’ll offer their recommendations around any required refurbishments, and then send over their proposal. Once accepted, the EVOLVE team will transform the property based on their vision, using design choices proven to enhance a home.
  • Step 2: A project team is assembled while the lead stylist selects curated products to create unique styling tailored to the property and target market.
  • Step 3: Furnishings can remain in the property for up to six weeks and, once the campaign is complete, we will arrange the collection of all furnishings and accessories.

From studio apartments to large family homes, luxury residences and coastal retreats, EVOLVE’s expert designers will work closely with your space to present your property to its full potential.

Style now, pay later – make an appointment with us today

We know that selling your home can be a stressful time, which is why we now offer a deferred payment option for our property staging service that is interest-free for six months. This helps reduce your load and allows you to focus on the other aspects of the selling process while our experts get your property ready for sale. 

With Evolve Skye, you won’t need to pay for the full amount upfront and enjoy the benefits while we create a unique space that encourages interested buyers to purchase your home . Achieve greater success when you’re staging a house for sale by calling on the expert stylists at EVOLVE who will ensure no detail is overlooked.

Call us on 1300 78 30 60 to find out more about our home staging services and pricing.