Sanders Property Interview - 'Inside Real Estate' - September 2019

Our managing director Tanya Giuffre met with agent Andrew Bloom from Sanders Property to talk all things property styling and why preparing your home for sale is so important in today’s market!

In the interview, Tanya states that “every property benefits from being styled as furnished rooms gives the buyer an idea of proportion rather than viewing an empty room”. Property styling creates more interest for potential buyers, and lets face it – beautiful photos is what gets buyers into your property. As well as increasing the sale price and selling properties faster, styling you property allows it to stand out from a crowded market and return on investment you’re looking at a minimum of 7%.


Evolve has a deep understanding of how to present any property to its full potential, following a thorough review of key factors such as buyer target market/demographics and the physical environment. Our stylists take the time to visit every site, measure and take photos to conceptualise the space. This ensures our styling creates a lifestyle and a connection between the potential buyer and property to encourage sales.