Maximising Small Spaces Through Clever Design


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When we ask people what their dream home would look like, we often get the same answer. Large and spacious. But when a huge, lavish home isn’t in reach, what’s the easiest way to redesign a small space in order to get the most from it?

We love the challenge of utilising clever and creative design to make small rooms feel less crowded. With innovative, space-saving furniture and a lean towards unusual features, your home can transform into the haven you never want to leave. Which, in our opinion, is what every home should be.

Here are some ways you can re-design the interior of your home to add space and functionality.

Use Your Walls Wisely

The last thing you want is clutter strewn across the floor, so make use of shelving, wall hangers and storage boxes to keep everything in order and maintain a clean, crisp space.

Perfect for clothes, shoes and bags, wall storage solutions give you the opportunity to get creative and turn your belongings into something of a work of art. Add interesting lighting against a white backdrop or exposed bricks for urban vibes and an individual approach.

Opt for Light and Bright Colour Schemes

Interior design 101 says that white or light palettes give the illusion of space. Light colours help natural light to bounce off the walls, compared to dark tones that absorb light and can make an area feel more closed.

Consider pale-coloured curtains and accessories with white furniture to make small rooms feel more spacious. To prevent a room from looking too clinical, add a pop of contrast with plants and bright accessories.

High-Hanging Curtains are Your Secret Weapon

This is a secret that interior designers swear by when tasked with redesigning a small room – hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as you can. This clever trick gives the illusion of a higher ceiling and therefore, a larger room.

Plus, we generally associate long drapes with decadence, so this can add the touch of luxury your room might be missing. Remember to opt for sheer, or light-coloured material, to allow the outdoors to illuminate the room and make it appear extra spacious.

Mirror the Professionals

The addition of a mirror is one of the quickest, most cost-effective ways to make a narrow room appear larger. By selecting a focal point and angling your mirror towards it, you can give the illusion of depth.

Opt for large mirrors placed near windows, to reflect light and cause it to bounce off every corner of the room. For extra dimension, mirrored or glass furniture like cabinets and table tops complement a contemporary space, and make it appear larger.

Multi-functional Furniture

Furniture takes up a lot of space, but we need it. The solution? Multi-functional furniture that’s designed for spaces just like yours.

By multi-functional furniture, we mean pieces that serve more than one purpose. Utilise a sofa bed, a bed with storage underneath, inbuilt shelving units and folding and nesting tables to save space and avoid overfilling a room.

When it comes to furniture, try to avoid choosing large pieces that dominate a small space, and place furniture against walls to open up a room. Selecting some pieces that are the same colour as the wall causes it to blend in and create an illusion that expands the room further.

If you feel your small space needs a makeover, get smart with designing rather than investing in a larger property. EVOLVE specialises in custom design solutions for any space, maximising rooms and injecting luxury into properties with limited space.