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Evolve stylists know how to create the perfect home interior, but what about the exterior? The exterior of your home sets the overall tone, the first wow factor impression for guests or potential buyers. The most exciting houses in the world do not even resemble houses in the traditional sense and can be built in the most beautiful and remote locations such as a rainforest or the side of a mountain. Architects draw inspiration from the surrounds often mimicking features of nature and exploring the boundaries of shapes and texture.

Evolve hopes you enjoy this unique architectural journey around the world and draw inspiration for your own abode.

Villa Ottolenghi

Built in 1974 in Italy by Carloa Scarpa who initially began his career designing Murano Glass and eventually become one of the Masters of Modernism. Drawing inspiration from his surrounds, Scarpa wanted the home to appear as if it was growing out of the ground. Inspired by farmyards, and ancient ruins he mimicked their brick surfaces with irregular patterns. Scarpa worked hard to create a relationship between the natural and artificial.

Graham House

Graham house was built in Canada in 1963 and was designed by world renowned architect Arthur Erickson. Build on a rocky and steep cliff face over the ocean, Erickson designed the house over three levels to mimic the descending layers of the slope. Set dramatically on a cliff “like a ladder” the house is multilevel with overlapping roofs and terraces. This created step down levels with the house Erickson embraced as a signature design style of the home. Wanting to elevate a rustic cabin vibe, yet still blend well with the surrounds the Graham house embraces external materials of natural timber and Welsh quarry tile. Unfortunately, the house was demolished in 2007.

Cube House

Built in 2008, high in the Dolomite mountains in The South of Italy and Design by the Architects at Plasma Studio, this home mimics the towering mountains that surround it. The house is wrapped in slant wooden slats which offer privacy as well as being carefully angled to display the mountains through openings. The side of the house facing the mountainous hills is rendered white to match the traditional farmhouses which surround it.

Cornwall Gardens

Built in 2016 by Chang Architects the property is located in Singapore and designed around a stunning central courtyard. The courtyard is visible from every room in the house. The U shaped building is designed to allow light and air to flow freely through every room, creating passive ventilation, the natural cooling needed in this humid environment. An eco-paradise built for many generations of the same family to cohabitate, the architect used the natural geology of the site as inspiration, referencing the rice field like levels as irrigation in the design to flow to the center pond to water the tropical plants along the way, a self-caring and contained eco sphere. Winner of the 2016 A+ Architecture awards for best home worldwide, we can certainly see why!

Zicatela “Open Air Fortress”

Built in 2018 is Oaxaca Mexico and designed by Architect Ludwig Godefroy with the interior design by Emmanuel Picault. A weekend getaway home located on the beach this stunning concrete and timber retreat was inspired by the steps from ancient Azetec temples and the way in which in indigenous Mexican people embraced outdoor courtyards and gardens as a place of worship. Despite its proximity to the beach, Godefroy wanted the house to resemble a country side retreat that is robust and insular, rather than a typical beach shack. Located on top of a hill facing the picturesque mountains on one side and the agave fields on the other, the building mimics the strong mountains. An open-air fortress designed to have more open than closed spaces, skylights are dotted throughout so the sky is always visible. Ludwig wanted to honor nature and the sky as it “is the only permanent element in time.”

Evolve hopes you enjoyed our Architectural journey around the world. We hope these stunning buildings influence your exterior and interior style to help create a unique space you can be proud of.

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