4 Tips on How to Style a Kitchen Vignette


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The kitchen is undeniably the heart of the home. Most of us spend a lot of our time here – whether it be cooking, preparing a meal, grabbing a drink or snack or entertaining family and friends, it is a space that we cannot live without.

A Simple way to reduce clutter in your kitchen space is to create item groupings or a vignette.

So, what is a vignette you may ask? A vignette is a grouping of items displayed together in a decorative way. They are usually made up of homeware pieces, books or magazines, natural elements such as flowers or fruit and other craft objects and can add a decorative addition to any kitchen.

Here are our tips for a great kitchen vignette!

  1. Choose your display Style

There are two main ways to display a vignette: On a flat base or against a wall/splashback.

A timber or marble chopping board or tray makes for the perfect base to begin styling your vignette. The number of items in your Vignette is dictated by the size of your base. Try not to over crowd the grouping and stick to odd numbers.

When using a wall or splashback to display your items, it is helpful to create a taller vertical item at the back of the grouping to act as a base. You can achieve this by using a cook book on a stand or a chopping board stack resting against the wall.

If you have a large kitchen with lots of bench space, you may wish to create more than one vignette or one of each of these display styles.

Selecting your items + Add a Natural Element

The items you select for your Vignette may depend on the purpose of the grouping. This could consist of a couple of glasses/mugs and a jug or coffee pot to form a drinks station, you may even group some herbs and a Mortar and Pestle grinder to form another scenario.

The idea is to group together items that are frequently used in the kitchen so that they are displayed in style and not as clutter.

It is important to add a natural element such as a plant, flowers or fruit displayed in a bowl for a fresh feel and a pop of colour.

Pick Your Colour Scheme

You may have a colour scheme in your home that you want to incorporate into your kitchen vignette. You can bring those colours in through tea towels, cook books, magazines or fruit.

Kitchen spaces are commonly very neutral spaces and adding a pop of colour can add an element of fun to the space.

Using items in your vignette that relate to each other and are harmonious together can be a great style element.

Play with Height

Use items that vary in height to add interest to your vignette. Use taller items such as a vase or a jug, medium sized items such as a small plant or glass, and then smaller items such as a book laid flat or a tea towel.

Tea towels are also a great way to soften the vignette and add texture.

Let your imagination run free when styling your kitchen vignette and make it a collection of things you love.