What You Didn’t Know About Home Staging


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The benefits of home staging + our tips

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, you could increase its value significantly by investing in home staging. This goes beyond the basic cleaning and decluttering; home staging is about presenting a house for success and helping interested buyers along their journey to encourage higher offers.

A Property Stylist can make your space appear bigger, brighter and more inviting to help potential buyers envision themselves happily settling there.

Here are some home staging tips you can use as a launch point to make that sale, fast!

Appeal to All of the Senses

Professional Property Stylists possess the artistic skills to create dramatic scenery that draws in visitors from every angle. Armed with trade secrets, they’re able to add elements to your home to make it more appealing to the public.

Some of their secrets include:

  • Arranging sparse pieces of furniture in a vignette to please the eye and tell a story.
  • Showcasing soft fabrics and furnishings, such as velvet, wool or a chunky knit throw, to add texture and comfort to a home. No one wants to feel on edge when they’re relaxing in their living room, so show visitors how welcoming your property can be.
  • Finding ways to guide the eye where they want it to go. By adding unique elements to focal points like mantelpieces or bookcases, designers can direct attention to the right places.

Smart Accessories

Accessories can inject some much-needed personality into an open home, which often come across as clinical or “un-lived in”. Creativity and vision are key here, so if you’re lacking in these areas, call in an expert for successful results.

Spruce up the home with some welcoming additions and decorations:

  • Mirrors reflect light, giving the illusion of larger, brighter spaces
  • Plants bring nature indoors and the colours work well against neutral walls
  • Luxe rugs and soft furnishings add texture, warmth and comfort
  • Cushions and art are a great way to add colour and create areas of interest

Livin’ is Easy

Potential buyers will only convert if they’re able to easily imagine themselves living in the property.

Hardly anyone likes clutter, so start by getting rid of everything that makes the place look messy. This includes fridge magnets and family photos that viewers won’t relate to. That said, don’t leave surfaces bare; utilise trendy magazines, candles and other accessories for style that people want to be around.

Set the scene to make it appear as though the space is lived-in, without being worn or cluttered. Logs in the fireplace, a set dining table or a game of chess set out in-play are all elements that can instantly help a viewer insert themselves into the scenery.

First Impressions Matter

The phrase “never judge a book by its cover” doesn’t ring true in property staging. The exterior of your home is the first impression that potential buyers get, so make sure it’s enticing enough to make them excited about checking out the interior.

Ensure the lawn is manicured, walls have been power-washed and shutters or doors have a fresh coat of paint. Potted plants and an outdoor patio setting can add a welcoming touch, too.


For successful home styling that raises the value of your home and ensures you secure a sale in a short time frame, contact EVOLVE.