EVOLVE Styling

EVOLVE Styling

Leading Property Styling, Mosman


EVOLVE Styling was created to offer superior property staging solutions to Mosman. Constructed from a team of experienced interior designers, EVOLVE has the capacity to transform any space to appeal to the target market and increase buyer engagement


By investing in professional property staging and interior design, our clients experience an outcome that truly exceeds their expectations, with sale prices increasing up to 30x the cost of styling.


When you’re staging a house for sale, place your property in our hands for bespoke property styling in Mosman and across Sydney’s suburbs, to ensure it realises its full potential.

Why EVOLVE Styling

What sets us apart is both our advanced styling skills and our vast range of unique designer furnishings to present any look your property and the target market requires.


Each property decorator in our Mosman team will base their vision on your target market and their desired lifestyle, so we can match the home design to encourage a positive  sales result.


We don’t offer packages, because one size never fits all. Instead, we enhance your property using a customised approach that is intended to reduce time on the market while maximising the sale price. By arranging the space so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there, our property decorators can create the impression of a beautiful home, rather than a staged house.

  1. 1Appointment A qualified stylist will conduct an on-site visit to discuss your goals and requirements, and talk you through the upcoming process. They’ll take photographs and measurements so they can start planning the design.
  2. 2Proposal We submit a proposal that outlines how we plan to enhance your property. This will include any refurbishment recommendations, if any.
  3. 3Styling A team is assembled to work on your project, guided by a lead stylist. The lead stylist will select from our vast range of designer furniture and accessories to add a unique touch to your property and tailor it towards the target market.
  4. 4Installation The lead designer and their team will deliver and install all furnishings to transform the design vision into reality. The real estate agent will then conduct photography to support the campaign.
  5. 5Completion Once the campaign is over, we will arrange collection of all furnishings. Our bespoke service is available in Mosman, Chiswick, North Shore and other suburbs across Sydney.