EVOLVE Styling

EVOLVE Styling

Property Styling & Home Staging in Coogee


When staging a property for sale, it’s crucial to enhance it in a way that appeals to the target buyer and inspires them to act. EVOLVE transforms homes through professional property styling in Coogee, giving them an advantage on the market and garnering a better result for sellers.


Our home staging service has been proven to be a sharp investment and a large proportion of our clients have achieved a sale that was vastly above their expectations, with an ROI of up to 30X the cost of styling.


Whether it’s a new-build studio apartment, a large family home or a luxury coastal retreat, EVOLVE is experienced in home staging for Coogee properties of all types. We’ll apply exacting detail and unique skills to your place to increase its appeal.


Our services extend across other popular Sydney suburbs, with property styling in Leichhardt, Paddington and much more.

Why EVOLVE Styling

We stand out from other home staging services in Coogee because of our appreciation of the small details, a unique styling ability and in-depth understanding of how properties should be presented in order to maximise their potential.


Before styling, we’ll consider vital information about the property, taking into account things like location and buyer demographics. We’ll also visit each site before the transformation begins, to take photos and conceptualise the space. It’s important that the property presents the kind of lifestyle desired by potential buyers, so we’ll begin to establish this connection during the initial site visit.


Our property styling services are not available as a package, because the custom approach our stylists adopt gives you a competitive advantage. We take measures to increase buyer interest, minimise selling time and increase sale price.


From the initial consultation through to the final result, we take steps to stage your property like a beautifully styled home, rather than a staged-to-sell property.


Contact Us


For any queries about home staging in Coogee, or to request a quote from our team of stylists, contact EVOLVE online. We’d be happy to arrange an on-site consultation to begin the styling process.

  1. 1Appointment Make an appointment for our property stylists to visit you in Chiswick, Mosman, North Shore and across Sydney. They’ll discuss your needs and take photos of the space.
  2. 2Proposal We’ll send you a detailed proposal for review, including any property refurbishments we recommend for your home.
  3. 3Styling We’ll assemble a team of stylists to begin the property evolution. The process includes the selection of products to add finishing touches to the space and further appeal to the target market.
  4. 4Installation Your dedicated team will deliver and install furnishings and ensure every detail has been taken care of. The Real Estate agent can then take photos for the campaign.
  5. 5Completion Furnishings can remain in the property for up to 6 weeks, after which we will arrange their collection.