How to Create the Perfect Focal Point In A Room


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Never underestimate the importance of a focal point in a room.

The focal point of a room is usually awarded the most attention – it’s where the eyes are first led as soon as someone enters a room. When designing a room, designers regularly start with a focal point and make almost every other design choice around this feature. It may be in the form of a feature wall, fireplace, an architectural feature, artwork or piece of furniture – the aim is to highlight this feature and make it stand out.

When you’ve learned how to master the creation of the focal point, designing your home will become much more streamlined. We’ve compiled some tips on creating the perfect focal point.

Select an Existing Feature & Highlight it

Most rooms especially in Period style homes will have a pre-existing focal point built-in and you should take advantage of this. Use existing features as your guideline which you can then build the rest of the room around, while maintaining the room’s original charm.

Some common architectural features that can be used as a focal point include:

Large windows: Lucky enough to have large windows and lots of natural light flooding through your home? The eye will naturally travel to a large window especially one with a wonderful view. If this is the case, avoid obscuring the window and let it open the room to its exterior surroundings.

Fireplaces: Classic and modern fireplaces will always take centre stage in a room. Arrange seating around this feature and go bold with eye-catching artwork above the fire, or an unusual feature wall behind it.

Interesting walls or ceilings: The actual shape of a room can become its focal point. Vaulted ceilings, timber beams kept in their raw unpainted form or walls at unusual angles can work as a great feature.

Exposed brick or stone feature walls: If you have original exposed brick walls in your home you have hit the jackpot! A brick wall can create the perfect backdrop to a range of styles and give the room a natural and rustic edge.

Create a New Focal Point

If you can’t locate any existing architectural features worth highlighting, you’ll need to create your own focal point. This involves more thought as the foundation is not already there, however we’ve put together some ideas for you to try in your home!

Artwork: A large piece of art or a mirror can really make a statement. Place it at eye level and even go a step further by emphasising the art with accent lighting.

Accent walls: Whether you choose paint, wallpaper or textured, exposed walls, direct the eye to an accent wall. Select the wall furthest from the room’s entry point and make it stand out from the rest.

Statement furniture: You may own a piece of luxury furniture – a table, sofa, or something else – that you’re particularly proud of. Bold coloured furnishings also make for a great focal point in a room when used correctly – think a bold red sofa or two deep teal ottomans sitting side by side in a neutral room. These items are bound to stand out in a space!

Creative use of lighting can really emphasise your primary feature, to further illuminate it and make it stand out.

It’s important that you choose one focal point and stick to it, as multiple points of interest can confuse the eye and cause it to wander. Try to tone down secondary focal points with softer hues and minimal accessories.

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